Friday, January 16, 2015

Configuring Windows Server 2012 Weekly Backup

Hi Guyz,

After long time thought to post something in my blog. This is about Server 2012 Backup.

If you happened to use default Backup Application which comes with Server 2012 you might have seen this thing. Which there is no way to schedule a weekly backup but only daily backups or backup once. Oops...!!!
Exactly my sudden reaction was same. But don't worry. there is a way. actually a simple thing to do but as always Microsoft has made it difficult... lol

This is the thing. You have to configure it using Task Scheduler. That's all... :)

First configure daily backups using Windows Server Backup Application and then open Task Scheduler which is resided in Administrative tools.

Then you can see Task Scheduler Library in left pane and browse to Microsoft > Windows >  Backup

It will show you the tasks you have scheduled already for server.

Right click the task you want to run weekly and click properties.

Go to Triggers tab, Select and Edit...

You will see more options and now you can schedule it as you want.

Ok then see you guyz later... Until then Happy Backup...!!! :D

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